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Keeping the ventilation ductwork clean, in good condition brings benefits to the house and also to your health. Ventilation ductwork cleaning is an essential process for the functioning of the whole house HVAC system. Ignoring the ductwork system that moves air around the house can bring many problems - the particles in the air ducts make their way into the compressors, motor bearings, and other parts of the air ventilation system. Instead of a well-oiled machine, the ventilation system will wear down much faster and may cause very costly repairs. Also, you will get higher electricity bills - the HVAC system thermostats keep the home temperature at the pre-set level and if the air ducts are full of dust particles or debris, airflow is much less efficient. That causes the HVAC system to work harder and for more extended periods, resulting in higher energy bills.


If ductwork cleaning is required, you can identify the problem quickly. An opening vent will be enough to detect if the duct and all air ductwork need cleaning. After opening the air vent, you must investigate the air duct and the filters located on the air vent. If you identify substantial dust particles, air ductwork cleaning becomes necessary. The presence of dense dust particles can also lead to health issues. Inspecting the furnace compartment is another method of knowing if the air duct cleaning is required. The blower fan and the furnace control stack if dust and debris ignored for extended periods. The thicker the dust particles are in the mentioned parts, the more of a priority air duct cleaning becomes.



For regular maintenance tasks of air ductwork cleaning, you can do the job on its own, provided enough time and care. If the problem is more complicated, with hard debris layers and involved spaces that need entering for air duct cleaning, it is highly advisable to schedule an air duct cleaning service. Professionals have the necessary equipment that makes air duct cleaning efficient and longer-lasting. Opting for a duct cleaning service is a decision for you to make. You should decide before beginning the air duct cleaning by oneself. The following are general guidelines for decent air duct cleaning.



For a job done right, preparation is critical. The most vital step is for the user to dress accordingly. A minimum of gloves, a dust mask, and protective goggles required for an air duct cleaning job.

After proper dressing for the job at hand, the person that does the air duct cleaning process needs to cover up all the registers around the house. Entries are grills with moving parts that blow air in the house. When the debris removed from the air duct, it will fly to the nearest exit; it is the closest register from the current air duct. Adding towels over the entries is the most convenient method of covering it up.

The last step in preparing for air duct cleaning is to let the fan running so that air will still pass through the vents and push the debris to the covered registers.



After thorough preparation, the person can start removing the dust and debris from the air duct. This step takes the longest. The more time a person invests in this step, the more efficient his HVAC system will run for more extended periods.

As tools, any suitable brush would do. Cleaning any parts that can be accessed and seen is vital. The registers will receive the trash, but it will not let it pass since they are covered. After completing this step, it is time for the second part of the air duct cleaning.



That is the step where the waste wholly removed from the air ducts. Slowly uncovering the entries, you can use a vacuum cleaner, then everything that collected within the registers will be sucked out. Do the same to every covered entry. At the same time, doing a vacuum cleaning in the return registers are recommended as well.



After all the steps listed above completed, it is time to clean the furnace. The HVAC system should be in the shut-off position while doing the air duct cleaning part. It is much more comfortable that way. The vacuum is the tool for this job as well. After removing the front panel of the furnace, start sucking away everything that can be reached with the gap. Consider looking into the spaces near the furnace as well. The more thorough you vacuum the dust, the longer it will take new dirt to form around the stove.



After the ductwork cleaning process is complete, replacing the air filters is recommended as well. In most cases, filters are the first to get dirty. Replacing them on every thorough air duct clean will ensure efficiency in filtering out the dust that circulates in the air duct. Buying air filters is not expensive and replacing them is an easy task. Most furnace and vent models permit for sliding the screens in and out for easy replacement.



Getting the help of an air duct system cleaning service comes as a better idea if the case is complicated. An air duct system cleaning service company will identify the grade of debris one has inside the ducts and inspect every part for air duct damage. As professionals, they will come prepared with specialized tools. Compared to do-it-yourself, a professional duct system cleaning service will ensure that every part of the air duct is spotless and that the duct system is running at optimum efficiency.

That type of service is not cheap, and that is the most significant drawback a person has but if the situation is out of control, to call professional air duct system cleaning service will be a much better option than doing the job by one’s own. It is the right investment, one that will save money, time, and keep one’s health out of harm's way.



The truth is no one can completely prevent dust and debris to enter the air duct. Dust and other small particles are floating everywhere in the air. To not have dust in the air would mean to have a completely sterile environment, an aspect that is close to impossible to achieve in an average house.

The best thing one can do is change the air filters more often. Air filters keep most dust away from the house and away from clogging the air ducts. New filters are always more capable than slightly worn-out ones. Keeping this in mind could save a person more money over the years.



Air duct cleaning depends heavily on the environment a house is situated. As a rule, one should consider cleaning the furnace at least once a year. Furnace cleaning and regular filter replacement may reduce the necessary air duct cleaning frequency to once every three years.

At the same time, if one is prone to allergies or you observe that the heating or ventilation is not as efficient, it is a good indicator that air ducts system cleaning required.



Air duct cleaning is crucial for the HVAC systems to work efficiently and to keep the family healthy. Completing the process on your own or applying for the air ducts system cleaning service provider will keep everything running smoothly and without putting anyone in danger of allergies.